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Positive about pets!


Speaking for the UK pet industry


With the 2015 election approaching we ask all parties to consider the positive benefits of pets and pet keeping to the UK while compiling their manifestos.




ProPets is an umbrella organisation bringing together pet industry trade associations; promoting the positive role of the pet industry in ensuring animal welfare and responsible pet ownership.


The UK pet industry provides services to our 30 million pet owners, incorporating not just pet shops, but a range of providers from health professionals to manufacturers, nutritionists and garden centres.


The industry provides an unrivalled source of knowledge and education for the pet keeping community, reaching out to tens of thousands of pet owners and consumers every single week.


There are few other industries that are as highly regulated.  Not only do pet shops have to comply to the Pet Shop Licensing conditions, enforced by the local authority, they are also scrutinised by their pet loving customers who are effectively inspecting them every day.


ProPets seeks to engage with government, stakeholders and pet owners to use the collective knowledge of pet professionals to improve welfare standards across all sectors of this diverse industry



 • Provide guidelines to the public on how to identify a good pet shop


 • Highlight the pet industry as a source of free expert practical advice on the care and welfare of pet animals-especially to local authority officers involved in pet shop licensing


 • Promote positive attitudes to pet keeping, pet keepers and the pet industry by providing high quality information to politicians and opinion formers on the key role these activities play in the social, cultural and economic fabric of this country


 • Facilitate co-operation between all like minded groups within pet keeping        


On the 28th October members of ProPets presented to the Associated Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare (APGAW), highlighting the educational role of the pet industry


Our Election 2015 information brochure has been released and will be sent to all UK politicians. Packed with information about the UK’s pet owning voters and how they benefit the UK economy, the value of pets to owners and how pet keeping saves us money, the brochure is essential reading.